Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Old friend

so today i unexpectedly got to hang out with a friend i havent seen in over 13 years! it was kinda cool we went to the movies to hang out with a mutual friend ( in retrospect that was a bad idea) she talked to her non stop and it was as if i wasnt even there but it made sense because she hadnt seen the other friend either. on the bright side im about to jump onto wow see if i can get some dungeons done. oh were gonna hang out again just us two for we'll see how that goes/


so i've been playing world of warcraft alot lately mainly since the expansion just came out. i've already reached level 85 which is within normal range i suppose for seeing the expansion came out a week ago. When i get bored of it i start playing Black Ops on my 360 i had fun doing the regular team death match then i started playing wager matches especially sticks and stones its soo much fun even though it is infuriating at times/